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I’m always on the look out for ways to organize recipes, crafts and home ideas that I find on the internet, and if you aren’t familiar with it, Pinterest is an amazing and easy way to do it. It’s a visual search engine that allows you to create “boards” which you can name and then save your images to via either a “Pin It” button on a website (I rarely see a blog these days without one), or a bookmarklet you can install from Pinterest’s website that sits in your web brower menu for easy access.

So what’s Pinterest got to do with parenting? TONS! I have a board for my boys, filled with crafts, gift ideas, parenting advice, origami Yoda instructs and more. I’ve also got a board of ”Things I Want My Husband to Make” that’s filled with, well, you can probably guess.  I’ve got recipes, things that are funny, things that are cute, and 40+ other boards for all kinds of goodies. I even found all of our

pinterestboard1recipes for Christmas on Pinterest- it’s great for meal planning. Pinterest can also be an amazing tool for business owners as well (I use it for my businesses too).

After months of telling my husband about Pinterest, he finally joined, using it mostly for gardening tips and ideas, ideas for our home and even a board just for me. He’s found great tips for companion planting, cucumbers on a diagonal trellis- even the gift he created for me for Mother’s Day  (an outdoor table with a center planter made from a wood palette).

Pinterest is an amazing tool- if you’re on it, leave your pinterest URL below. If not, go join ( and then come back and leave it. Here’s mine-  You can follow just a few boards, or all of them- up to you! Can’t wait to see what you pin!


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In her day job, Carey own's Lasso'd Moon, a custom invitation and graphic design studio, and Bug & Bot, personalized gifts for kids. She's also a mom to three crazy boys, two dogs and two cats. When not juggling them, she's usually curled up with a good book. Websites: & Twitter: @LassodMoon & @bugandbot | Facebook: /lassodmoon & /bugandbot
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  1. Pinterest really is fantastic but I often forget to check it when I start doing meal planning. I actually started using Evernote for that very arduous task of organizing recipes and creating meal plans and I love it. So it might be an option you want to check out.

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