Mom’s Night Out

Who Needs a Mommy Break?

I donʼt know about you, but this momma is tired. Donʼt get me wrong, I love my little girl and feel beyond blessed that I get to stay home with her, but it is not an easy job. I sometimes find myself missing my 8-4 job that I got to leave behind once the work day was over. Being a mom is a full time, 24-7 job with constant demands on your time, love, patience, and energy. Iʼll be the first to admit that there are days where I just want to hide out in a dark room rather than take on my toddler for the day.


These are the times when I desperately need a break! And while grocery shopping by myself is considered a break in my book, there are times where a good old fashioned girlʼs night out is in order!

My friend Shannon and I started BurlingtonVT Moms Blog ( a few months ago with the hopes of connecting local moms to each other and to our great city. One of our goals was to have Momʼs Night Out events where mommas can get a much needed break and have a chance to meet other moms while having a great time together!


Well our first Momʼs Night Out event has arrived! We would love for any of you local moms to come join us on Monday, January 28th at Leunigʼs Bistro on Church St. for a night of great food, company, and giveaways from local businesses!


You can purchase your tickets at We hope to see you all there!


About Nissa Sutphen

I’m a wife to my wonderful hubby Robin and mommy to my oh-so-cute daughter Nora (born February 2011). Before becoming a mommy, I was a passionate teacher who absolutely loved her students. Mommyhood is the most rewarding and yet most challenging job I’ve ever had, and I relish being able to connect with other mom’s to talk, share experiences, and have fun with! I was born and raised in Florida but have truly found my home in my husband’s hometown of Burlington, VT. I love soaking in our beautiful surroundings, long walks downtown and at the waterfront, playing with my daughter at Battery Park, family bike rides, and going on local adventures on my husband’s days off. On rainy or snowy days you can find me reading a good book, attempting to complete one of the projects on my ever growing craft and DIY list (thanks Pinterest), or trying to find new and creative ways to entertain Nora. Website: | Twitter: @BVTMB | Facebook: /BurlingtonVTMomsBlog/
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