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3 women, all different heights and weights, wear a size 10. One woman is petite, another wears a standard 32″ inseam, and the other is 6 feet tall. 3 Men, all different heights and weights, wear a 36 waist. One man is short and husky, another wears a 34″ inseam, and the other is 6’5″. Not every body is the same. In these cases, that’s an understatement. Many retailers have made wonderful attempts to cater to a variety of body shapes and sizes, but still don’t reach the fit bar for everyone. Designers and, thereafter, fast-fashion producers use a general guide to make garments, even at times with special fit considerations, but again, not every body is the same. Without custom fit and measurements, it would be nearly impossible for retailers to make clothes that fit right on everyone and not everyone can afford custom-made clothes. That’s where a good tailor or seamstress comes in.

If you have a tailor or do it yourself, nice work. If not, why? Are you worried about the bill? Is the task intimidating to you? Do you feel as if you don’t have anything that needs tailoring? There is something in your closet that needs tailoring, I guarantee it. If the cost worries you, pace yourself. Although tailoring is-most of the time- affordable, it’s easy to rack up a large bill. Take one item at a time to get fixed and you won’t find any unexpected surprises. If you know how to sew, do it yourself! There are so many DIY sewing tutorials and blogs that you can literally become your own seam-master.

When it comes to the task of finding a good, honest, professional tailor, just follow some simple steps. First of all, check with your dry cleaner whether they have tailoring services or who they recommend. Check your local listings and see who’s available. You can also check with friends and colleagues to see if they would recommend someone. From there, check review sites such as Yelp and Google. Reviews can make or break your decision. Skip the department store tailors. They are hurried and usually disinterested, and thus won’t necessarily put the care into your article of clothing, unless it’s a higher-end department store such as Saks Fifth Avenue or Nordstrom. Besides, Vermonters like to keep things local, right? So with these simple steps, you’ll be looking sharper than a tack in no time.

Do you have a trusted tailor? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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