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Well it is February and love is in the air! Heck it is everywhere! Not only is it in our hearts, the words we speak to our loved ones and the letters or cards we write them (if people still do that) but it is in the text messages, emails and e-cards we send; along with the Skype and cell phone calls we make. Isn’t it amazing how in just a few decades technology has had quite an impact on the way we meet people, communicate with one another and express our thoughts and feelings?

When you get a chance, and if they are still alive, go ask your grandparents how they had to go about meeting people and I bet you they’d remind you how rough they had it back in their day. Not only did they have to walk up hill barefoot to and from school every day, after working for hours before and afterwards, but if they wanted to meet someone, they actually had to work at. They didn’t have the luxuries that we do today of just going online to some dating site or Craigslist to browse for potential soul mates or meeting people via online gaming, chat rooms, Facebook or other social media outlets. No, they actually had to go out in public and engage someone in a real face to face conversation and if that wasn’t scary enough, to continue communicating with them, after the initial meeting, if all went well of course, they had to write them letters or talk to them on a land line phone. Can you even fathom that? No cell phones or texting or emailing… oh my!.. only actual hand written letters that went through the “snail mail” and conversations on phones that were attached to walls and kept you in one localized location. Sounds like a lot of hard work doesn’t it? Ok so I am being a little facetious but it does make one think a little about how much technology has changed the way we interact with one another and form various relationships, now doesn’t it?

So what is your love story? How did you meet your wife, fiancé or boyfriend/girlfriend? Did technology play a role in how you meet or did you go about it all old school style? Why not share the story with all of us in a comment below and help us get in the mood for this oh so romantic month. Now as for those of you who aren’t so lucky to be with someone right now, how about sharing with us your strategy in how you plan on meeting someone. Again, will technology play a role or will you do it the grandparent way?
There are tons out there, but here are a few apps, to help get you started, for those of you needing to find some companionship…

Crazy Blind Date—“Is a new dating app from OkCupid. It is the easiest and fastest way to go on dates. You just tell us when and where you’d like to go, and we set you up with one of our millions of awesome singles. The app maintains your privacy while finding you the perfect match behind the scenes. With just a few taps, you could have dates every night of the week. Dating has never been so easy—or so much fun.” – Google Play

BadooBadoo – “Is a social network for users who are interested in meeting other people from all over the world. The site covers an immense geographic area and is available in over 20 languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Polish and Russian. The site also boasts a large user base, with over 120,624,720 users registered. Users can build a personal profile with an image, age, online status, location and chat feature that lets users instant message one another through the site.” – – “Is an online dating site that is well integrated with the major social networking sites. Users can search the site by zip code to find people in their area. Communication with other users takes place via messaging on the site. Users can also send a “wink” to someone they are interested in. The user has a Date Card, which includes all of their personal information. The Date Card consists of The Basics, where the user gives their name, age, relationship status, what type of relationship they are seeking and other personal details such as smoking and drinking.” –

Crowded RoomCrowded Room – “By checking in where you are and where you might go later, you can think of Crowded Room as your catalyst for kismet. Sharing your plans helps Crowded Room pinpoint people to meet who have similar interests in particular restaurants, venues, and more. You can even sync your check-ins with Foursquare and Facebook so you don’t miss a potential rendezvous with someone new.” –

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