Where Have You Gone Kevin Arnold?

My husband and I are self-proclaimed TV and movie Junkies. It’s how we both de-stress (though I also read more than any normal person probably does as well). Our kids, while they do love to read, also love TV. But unlike when we were kids, there seems to be a real lack of age appropriate family shows.

When we grew up, there was the TGIF block on Fridays, the Cosby Show on Thursdays, The Hogan Family,  the Wonder Years, even Sabrina the Teenage Witch- shows that really taught something. And now? I can’t think of one truly family friendly show. One of the last ones to air might’ve been Boy Meets World. So I was pretty excited when I heard recently that they’re planning to reboot that show with the two main characters, Corey and Topenga, as parents of a pre-teen.

So we’ve struggled, as a family, to find something that everyone can watch- which is a pretty tall order when your kids are 4, 8 and 11. What might be ok for the older two (like the new superhero show Arrow, which is violet but not gory) is not always ok for the younger. So we’ve been turning to Netflix more and more to find shows that are ok for all of them to watch. The most recent find? An early 90s show called Eerie, Indiana. The perflect blend of creepy (in the mildest way possible), funny and silly.  I might introduce the kids to Alf, which I’ve noticed on Hulu.

Do you struggle with finding good family-friendly tv? Have any recommendations?

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