REV Cycling Studio for Beginners

REV Indoor Cycling Studio

This probably isn’t going to come as a surprise to most of you but I’m not the most athletically motivated individual. It’s not that I don’t like being active, I’d just rather walk everywhere and watch what I eat instead of breaking a sweat. So I was shocked when I heard myself agreeing to attend my friend Jonathan’s beginner spin class at REV Indoor Cycling Studio in Burlington.

I quickly recruited my coworker Polly to go with me, it would be her first spin class to and I knew if I wouldn’t back out if I was going with her. When I went online to reserve our spots in Jonathan’s REVINDUCTION class (reservations are recommended as some classes fill up quickly) I started to lose my confidence. Weren’t spin classes for people who were already in shape?  What if, god forbid, I fell off the bike?

REV Indoor Cycling Studio

Jonathan, post ride

All the anxiety and preconceived notions I’d had about spinning were relieved when I walked into REV’s bright space on Pine Street. The studio was clean, welcoming and seemed to be vibrating with energy. Owner Sarah DeGray was greeting everyone who walked in, most folks by name, and was quick to help Polly and I get settled. I was relieved to see a broad mix of ages and fitness levels in the class and felt myself getting excited for the ride. Jonathan spent the first 30 minutes of class getting us comfortable on the bikes, going through the different positions/techniques (walking, jumping (yeah I had no idea you could “jump” while riding a bike either), and of course climbing).

It wasn’t until we transitioned into the second half of class, the half where we “really” rode, that I realized how much of a roll music plays in spinning. Following Jonathan’s cues was easier with a beat to follow and the music helped me zone in on my workout, something I hadn’t been able to achieve in other exercise classes. One real climb in and I was sweating, panting, and redder than a tomato and couldn’t have cared less; all I was focused on was pedaling my little heart out to a seriously awesome Depeche Mode remix.

It took a while to get used to standing up while pedaling and I never quite mastered the jumps but I had a blast and managed to make it all the way through the class without falling off the bike. Polly and I both agreed that it was not only a great workout but it was a great time. We both picked up a REV ride package before we left and have already reserved spots in a REVTHEME class next week! It’s easy to see why so many people are hooked on spinning at REV. Whether you’re an experience spinner or just looking for a fun way to stay in shape REV has something for you.

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