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So you’ve begun to get the Vermont winter blues and can’t wait to go on the spring vacation you’ve been planning for months? Join the club! Whatever and wherever you’ve been planning, I hope you have a wonderful time full of fond memories. One thing, however, before you depart on your highly-anticipated getaway: keep the tracksuit and Uggs at home. Whether you’re off to a Caribbean cruise, prancing around Disney World, touring the Mayan ruins in Mexico, backpacking through Europe, or even exploring somewhere closer to home, this small guide will help you get your vaca on the right foot.

#1: The Easy Traveler

Easy Travel

This is a super easy look to duplicate. It’s comfortable, simple, cute, and travel-appropriate. Easy layering is essential if you are flying to your destination as you’ll need to quickly remove them to get through security. Once you’re in the air, you don’t know if it will be cold or stuffy, so always be prepared instead of buying an overpriced airline blanket. A larger bag is always a flying-must: a carry-on personal item to stuff things in (just no liquids)!

#2 The Trendy Escapee

Trendy Escape

If you desire to look like a celeb while remaining comfortable, this is for you. Stretchy yet structured legging jeans with side panels give the illusion of a tailored fit, while wedge sneakers give you (and your booty) a little lift, and they’re still comfortable. Add a loose button-up with a moto-inspired jacket for contrast.

#3 Uber Casual Vacationer

Casual Trevler

Okay, so if you must go super casual and comfy in your travels, do it like this. Who said a sweatshirt and jeans can’t be sexy? Just make sure they fit right. Pairing with your vintage 80′s or 90′s t-shirt, converse sneaks, and a messenger bag will give you that sassy tomboy edge.


Safe travels!

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