What Is New In The Technology World?

Happy March everyone! We’re getting closer to spring and warmer weather. I know I am excited about that and hope that you are too. Well I imagine that if you are skier, snowmobiler, snowshoer or some other winter, outdoor activity type of person, then you aren’t as excited as me; and I guess I can understand that. Anyhow, before this turns into a WeAreVermont Winter Sports posting, let’s take a look at some of the latest greatest technology news that has caught my eye over the past few weeks.

Actually, before I delve into all the geek updates that you are so anxiously waiting to read about, I wanted to let all of you who are reading this know that if you know of anything cool technology wise that is going on here in our green mountain state, you can let me know about it. I would love to write about it and let everyone else know about it too! Either reply to this posting or send me an email. Thanks, now onto the good stuff!

Facebook ChangeIt looks like the social media giant Facebook is at it again. Apparently they are going to be making more changes to our pages (as if we needed more changes). As I recall, the last changes they made weren’t all that great and lots of Facebook users were not very happy with them (me included). We can only hope that the changes they make to the timeline feature are better this time and something we all like. According to what I have read thus far, the changes look promising; but we will see. You can read more about this HERE or HERE.

myoIf Thalmic Labs has any say in the future of computers then they will most likely live on our arms and be controlled by gestures we make with that arm. Their $149 forearm gadget called the Myo (the Greek prefix for muscle – in case you were wondering where they got the name from), uses electromyography, (the measuring of electrical impulses produced by your muscles when you move them) to detect when you make a gesture with your arm or hand and then translates it into a digital command that is sent via BlueTooth to whatever it is you are trying to control, be it a computer, smartphone, remote control vehicle, etc. According to people much smarter than me, most of us humans activate the same muscles when we make various gestures and some super smart geeks at Thalmic Labs were able to turn these gestures into various digital commands. I think it is absolutely awesome and I welcome it with open arms (yes, pun intended). I would rather control my various electronic devices with silent hand gestures than have to talk to them all the time. Anyhow, when you have the time, be sure to check out the video demo of the Myo in action; it’s quite amazing. You can also watch a pretty funny video posting of the Myo HERE or read more about it HERE.

PiracyArrrg Mateys! It looks like our pirating days may soon be over.  The “Copyright Alert System”, backed by the Obama administration and pushed heavily by record labels and Hollywood studios may soon go into effect on major Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) networks. Currently AT&T, Cablevision Systems, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon are on board with this new anti-pirating system and others are expected to soon join them. Basically, the way this system is supposed to work is that it monitors peer-to-peer sharing activity and when any of the activity violates copyright laws, the ISP is notified and the subscriber suffers various consequences that are contingent upon the number of offenses logged on that account. Some of the consequences being purposed are large fines, lowering of bandwidth, interruption of internet service, redirection of your web browser to an educational page that explains why pirating is bad and so forth. Sounds like Big Brother breathing down our necks to me but I also understand that companies want to protect their products. It will be interesting to see where this goes. In the meantime, in between downloads (of legitimate stuff I assume), you can read more about this HERE.

google-glassesWell there were all sorts of rumors about Google working on these really cool smart glasses last year and there were a few videos circulating the net showing what they would be able to do. Well it has been confirmed that Google Glass is real and should be available to us by the end of this year for just under $1500 (I won’t be getting a pair any time soon at that price!). So what are they you ask? Simply put, they are glasses with a smart phone in them and the display is shown in the lenses. As cool as they are though, many are worried about privacy issues. There is such concern about privacy that they are currently banned in Germany. The problem mainly stems from their ability to video all that a wearer is seeing. You can read more about them HERE.


iPhone5 & xbox & playstationSince we are on the topic of rumors, there are all sorts of rumors about a new Apple iPhone. No one seems to know exactly when it will arrive, what exactly it looks like or what it will be called but it hasn’t stopped everyone from speculating and sharing their thoughts online. There are also rumors about Playstation 4 and a new Xbox. Rumor has it that both of them will have a feature on them that will keep users from being able to play used games. You will have no choice but to buy new ones. I have a feeling that won’t go over very well. Some of the other new features on them look really cool but I imagine the inability to play anything but newly purchased games on them will be a big deterrent for many.

sega-laptopsNot a rumor and currently on the market… Remember Sega? Come on, admit it, you owned one of their gaming consoles back in the day and played cool games like Sonic The Hedgehog or Toe Jam and Earl on it like I did. Anyhow, a Japanese retailer by the name of Enterbrain has put the nostalgic Sega logo on several of their notebooks; paying homage to the software providers former console glory. I have no idea what the point in that is other than respect but I think it is cool.


Stay tuned here for my next posting in a few weeks. I will have more news on what is new in the Technology world. Don’t forget, if you know of any technology news that is happening locally, let me know so I can write about it here and share it with everyone else. See you all in the next post!

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