Aromatherapy for Stress Relief

92296_the_stress_From weight gain to illness, stress plays such a role in our overall health and well-being. We all have stress; good and bad. What we do with it and how we handle it is the critical part.

In other articles, I’ve talked about how important exercise is for a healthy body, mind and spirit. Walking or running, weight training or swimming, Yoga or Pilates; you feel great after exerting your body. Endorphins go up and stress levels go down. We all know how eating affects our stress levels as well. Think about how great you feel after eating a huge salad with grilled chicken and how crappy you feel after eating that 4th piece of pizza or that 2nd piece of chocolate cake.

Let’s talk about how we can incorporate other resources besides exercise and healthy eating to keep our stress levels down.

Our stress can go up first thing in the morning. The kids don’t want to get out of bed. We run late. We miss that green light and have to sit through another light cycle. The person behind you is tailgating. Let me just say that I despise people tailgating me. Is riding my bumper really going to get you where you are going any faster?

Once you’re at work, your day just gets crazier. Your boss is after you for that report. Customers are coming in droves. The phones are ringing off the hook. As a result, blood pressure, cortisol and stress go up. By lunchtime you’re in a tizzy and ready to head to Happy Hour!586982_drinks

Incorporating aromatherapy at the very start of our day can have a tremendous effect on keeping stress levels down throughout our day so we won’t feel like we need Happy Hour so much.

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said the way to good health is an aromatic bath and daily massage. I use my essential oils in the shower and as a massage oil after showering to help protect my skin. It also helps me to maintain a pleasant mood as I smell the oils throughout the day. On the way into work, using oils in the car helps me to not be so aggravated with the other crazy drivers. A diffuser plugged into the lighter, a spray or even a cotton ball with one or two drops of essential oil works well.

There are also some easy ways to help lower stress at work. Diffusing lemon and rosemary helps us to maintain focus. Citrus oils work well to keep the atmosphere and mood light. You can use an aromatherapy diffuser, room spray or inhaler.ea2 046

Before you head home, put your car windows down for a few minutes to breath in some fresh air and clear the cobwebs as you re-set your brain from the work channel to your home channel. Using lavender and grapefruit essential oils in your car on the way home can help get you in a happy, stress-free mood.

Once you get home, change your clothes and put on some comfy clothes. This is one way you can clear the work stress. It sounds “out there” but I think my clothes collect work energy like they do cigarette smoke or other smells. It’s important to shed that from our bodies and minds to clear our head and put ourselves in a good frame of mind to be with our families.

Finally,  as Hippocrates recommended, I love ending my day with an aromatic bath. I always incorporate essential oils. I love using my Sweet Dreams blend. It’s a blend of lavender, orange and sweet marjoram essential oils. I use the same blend in a massage blend after my bath. This aids in relaxation, stress reduction and sleep.

Incorporating aromatherapy for a stress-less life is easy. We just have to learn to get in the habit of doing it. After all, don’t we deserve it? I’d love to hear how you’re nurturing your body, mind and spirit to lower your stress.

Until next time, wishing you all aromatic blessings.


About Valerie Pallotta

Valerie Pallotta has been studying aromatherapy since 1994. She received her Master’s Apprenticeship certificate through the Northwest College for Herbal & Aromatic Studies in 2004 (formerly the Institute of dynamic Aromatherapy). Valerie has lectured on Aromatherapy at the University of Vermont, the Burlington Breast Cancer Conference, the Vermont National Guard and the Burlington, Vermont area. Since Valerie’s son joined the Vermont Army National Guard in 2009, her focus has evolved to supporting our Troops, their families and our Veterans. She is currently researching resources to study the effects of aromatherapy in alleviating the symptoms of PTSD. Valerie’s passion is to assist clients in developing a holistic aromatherapy program to balance body, mind and spirit. As it has been said, our body, mind and spirit are like the legs of a stool. When one is out of balance, so are the rest and the stool falls. Website: | Twitter: @ValeriePallotta | Facebook: /eSCENTialAromatherapy/

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